COVID-19 Updates (March 16 - May 4)

Virtual Vimenti keeps moving for our kids, youth and families.

Families Served by Program Area

Social Area

Vimenti School

Economic Area


Services for families

  • 100% School families contacted and followed up on instructional content.
  • Weekly zoom calls per grade to strengthen students’ skills & connect with parents.
  • 92% of students completed End of the Year Assessment on May 15, 2020.
  • Family meals delivered per week.
  • Tu Salud Vimenti a first response line to channel health and emotional problems of our families focusing on prevention and orientations.
  • Online magazine to provide orientation and prevention advice to the families.
  • Salsa, Yoga and Zumba courses for the parents, participants & employees.
  • Follow up to participants’ to finish Department of Education’s modules.
  • Special motivational online classes motivate & connect with the community.
  • MOU with Supermax to 10 job position – 6 placed
  • 10 Employability Program adults members receive a $500 incentive

Weekly average services:

  • Case managements - 175
  • Economic Mentorships - 50
  • Postsecondary programs - 39
  • Educational & homework help - 26

Family Needs

Families with sickness related to Covid-19

0 %

Vimenti School parents that have lost jobs

31 %

Vimenti School students without laptop/computer

65 %

Vimenti School students without home Internet access

47 %

Vimenti School students with cellphone Internet access

96 %

"Recharge your Soul"

Afterschool initiative to offer relaxing activities.

Tu Bienestar Vimenti”

Initiative to provide health & wellbeing orientations services referrals.

Te queremos Bien ” – Digital magazine

Works on issues for the prevention of violence in the family and their well-being. Different articles related to parenting, emotions, couple relationships, strategies to manage anxiety and prevention in the health area are presented.

Online resources shared with families & participants

Social Area

Vimenti School

Economic Area


Staff Support

  • - Employee’s follow up & Wellbeing surveys
  • - New COVID-19 related HR Policies, Process & Forms created
  • - Employee’s ePortal connectivity/engagement
  • - Weekly group touch base

Staff working remotely

75 %

Staff off work referred to state of unemployment insurance

25 %

Staff with sicknesses related to COVID-19

0 %

Community Connections




Continuing services during this crisis is crucial in our mission to eradicate child poverty in Puerto Rico