COVID-19 Updates (March 16 – June 26)

Virtual Vimenti keeps moving for our kids, youth and families.

Families Served by Program Area

Social Area

Vimenti School

Economic Area


Services for families

  • EOY assessment: students obtained a proficiency average of 62.53%.
  • 51.28% of the students achieve above average score.
  • 43.89% of the student achieve proficiency above the 70.00% goal.
  • A total of 600 food boxes were delivered in collaboration with Caribbean Product Exchange
  • Employability Program year ended with a 70% overall placement: retention after 90 days 80%, after 180 days 80% & after 360 days 93%.
  • 2 new members were placed in a job.
  • A total of 107 people were served by Vimenti during June 22-26, 2020.
  • Food Program served 200 hot meals on a daily basis.
  • To go family meals 5,262 (Equivalent to 9,048+ individual meals)

Weekly average services:

  • Case managements - 161
  • Economic Mentorships - 49
  • Postsecondary programs - 33
  • Educational & homework help - 41


100% of the students received IPad with Internet Access

"Recharge your Soul"

Afterschool initiative to offer relaxing activities.

Tu Bienestar Vimenti”

Initiative to provide health & wellbeing orientations services referrals.

Te queremos Bien ” – Digital magazine

Works on issues for the prevention of violence in the family and their well-being. Different articles related to parenting, emotions, couple relationships, strategies to manage anxiety and prevention in the health area are presented.

Online resources shared with families & participants

Social Area

Vimenti School

Economic Area


Educational material for the families

Staff Support

  • - Employee’s follow up & Wellbeing surveys
  • - Employee’s ePortal connectivity/engagement
  • - Weekly online professional development for teachers
  • - Weekly group touch base

Staff working remotely

92 %

Staff off work referred to state of unemployment insurance

8 %

Staff with sicknesses related to COVID-19

0 %

Community Connections




Continuing services during this crisis is crucial in our mission to eradicate child poverty in Puerto Rico