Vimenti receives more than twelve foundations at its facilities to present their results five years after opening its doors at Residencial Ernesto Ramos Antonini in San Juan


The integrated family services center, Vimenti, presented its impact results five years after beginning the fulfillment of its mission of eradicating child poverty in Puerto Rico to directors and representatives of 12 foundations in Puerto Rico and the United States in a round table. During the event, the guests and collaborators were informed that Vimenti managed to reduce the overall poverty of Vimenti families by 11% compared to the reference level in the last five years. Additionally, 64% of Vimenti School families have reported an increase in their monthly income, and 22% of these reported an increase of more than $1,000 per month in the past year.

“Vimenti is a model that is testing solutions to create economic mobility in families,” explained Bárbara Rivera Batista, executive director of Vimenti. Through our Two Generations model, we provide access to integrated programs and services in the areas of education, social well-being, health, and economic development with the purpose of breaking generational cycles of poverty and creating significant changes in the lives of children and your families.”

The organizations that participated in the round table had the opportunity to discuss Vimenti's challenges and opportunities to continue impacting social and economic development. These were: Peter Alfond Foundation, Flamboyán Foundation, Ángel Ramos Foundation, Segarra Boerman Foundation, Titín Foundation, MMM Foundation, Banco Popular Foundation, United Way of Puerto Rico, Colibrí Foundation, Darjo Foundation, Bechara Foundation, Integro Foundation, and the JJ Barea Foundation.

Melissa Ocasio Hernández, mother and family participating in Vimenti, Bárbara Rivera Batista and Mildred Antuna Arroyo, Vimenti executives, presented the results through the Two Generations model, which impacts parents and children together. “Today, I arrived with enthusiasm because I have achieved many of the goals that I set for myself when I started with Vimenti, with the support of my case manager and the support of each of the members of the Vimenti staff who are always looking out for my well-being, but particularly working with my daughter's learning barriers,” shared Ocasio, who along with her daughter Atenas has been part of Vimenti since its opening in 2018.

Rivera Batista shared some of the impact results after five years of Vimenti's operation that show that families have managed to achieve economic mobility, such as the 10% increase in parents who entered with only a fourth-year diploma and today have a technical degree or associated and the 17% reduction in parental unemployment.

In its five years of service, Vimenti has impacted families and participants in Residencial Ernesto Ramos Antonini, Villa Prades, Parcelas Falú, Residencial Manual A. Pérez, and other surrounding communities.

"My experience at Vimenti has been very gratifying. For me, it was an experience I truly needed in my life. Vimenti helped me recover my confidence and define goals for myself."

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