Vimenti’s Research and Policy Lab has the overarching purpose of collecting data and conducting research that will inform public policies and practice. The Youth Development Institute is a key collaborator in this endeavor.


Vimenti serves as a testing ground for innovative social policy that can move families with children out of poverty and into economic security. In partnership with the Youth Development Institute’s Economic Mobility Policy Lab, and under the guidance of Dr. Maria Enchautegui, the Vimenti program goes beyond direct service to the families impacted by its program, and aims to drive policy change through research. Through this partnership, the Youth Development Institute works with Vimenti to collect data and conduct research that will lead to systemic changes in policies, programs and practices.



Testing Ground

To serve as a testing ground for changes in public policies that limit the ability of the families with children and youth to gain economic mobility and security.

Magnify Impact

To magnify the impact of Vimenti through the generation of an evidence base that will inform public policies and programming.

For Vimenti participants the inclusion of a policy lab would signify receiving interventions on three systemic levels- school, family and policies. The family and school systems are addressed throughout the programming, and the third system, of the political and economic context, are addressed through the Policy and Research Lab component.