Why is Vocational Education Important for our Boys and Girls?

When we talk about vocational education, we usually think of young people during their secondary stage, but we ignore boys and girls of primary ages. This is a very common mistake that could have serious consequences for individual and social development. We cannot have a productive and healthy community if its members lack a life plan that allows them to develop their capacities and talents to the maximum. For this reason, early vocational education should be considered.

From the first stages of its development, our childhood is nourished by dreams, interests and aspirations, intimately linked to the adults who manage and direct society. Educating them vocationally allows those visions of the future to come to be expressed. In this way, girls and boys learn and experience the processes necessary to achieve them. The act of limiting the new generations is a community risk that we cannot afford. On the contrary, it is necessary to establish priorities in order to create the tools for childhood development, with a comprehensive perspective.

There are several theories in this regard (Osipow, 1990; Sánchez and Valdés, 2003) that take into account the personality, occupational decision, sociology and vocational interests of individuals within their social framework. Each of these aspects can be addressed more effectively the earlier the intervention. Therefore, if we add vocational education as a preferred axis within the primary education processes, we will promote a society based on values ​​such as ethics, love of work, honesty and collective commitment. All this will guarantee us a more responsible, healthy and productive life.


By: Gloriby Martínez Pagán
Post-Secondary Development Coordinator Vimenti
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