We are committed to consistently advancing and strengthening our abilities to help children advance to mastery in all aspects of education.

Important Announcement: Covid - 19 Contact Information

Faced with the face-to-face return to Vimenti and Vimenti School, our priority is to protect the well-being and safety of our employees, faculty, participants, students, families, and the community.

To answer questions and concerns related to prevention and security to avoid the spread of Covid-19, please write to:

For families and community

Glorimar Morales
School Nurse

Judelka Suarez
School Nurse
Employees and Faculty

Jazmin Nieves Álvarez
Vimenti Human Resources Director

Vimenti Students

Members of the Family

Accumulative June, 2022

Adult Participation

Food Portions*

People Served**

*(breakfast, lunch, dinner) to all students including dinner to participants who attend extended hours
** Number of people served between Vimenti School, afterschool, Family component and adults registered members by year

What is Vimenti?

VIMENTI is a one stop shop center based in a two generation approach (parents and children) with the mission of eradicate child poverty. Vimenti is a social policy lab to prove a holistic evidence based model that include education, economic and social programs for children and families.

The Two Generation Approach is an antipoverty initiative that provides support for both children and their parents together. This approach has proven effective at breaking children and their families free from the traps of poverty and empowering them to live up to their full potential. This approach allows parents and their children to receive services, support and opportunities for learning and empowerment - all in the direction of helping families achieve economic mobility.

Our Areas


Dynamic learning to fosters the discovery of individual talents and develops integrity and comparison.



The Social Area and family strengthening promotes a holistic approach to intervention with families.



We aim to increase the opportunities for children, youth and their family to acquire or develop a job.


Success Stories

"Vimenti brought many wonderful things to my life"

"Thanks to Vimenti, I see a significant change in my children’s academic progress. Now, we spend more time together as a family and I feel empowered with the necessary skills to have a more effective communication with them. Mornings are also easier and more productive as a mom since I have the chance to have breakfast with my daughter at Vimenti School. The employment program and workshops at Vimenti helped me to find a job and, thereafter, buy a car. These changes in my life have brought other changes, like making happen a family dream of moving from a small apartment to a house with a nice patio. We all have goals and Vimenti pushed me forward to achieve some of them and to continue working hard and dreaming knowing that anything is possible."

-Greyshla M. Cruz García

Research and Policy Lab

Vimenti’s Research and Policy Lab has the overarching purpose of collecting data and conducting research that will inform public policies and practice.

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